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Fuel Injection

Fuel System Repair

Fuel Injection Pumps, Injectors, Turbochargers
Staffed with factory-certified technicians, Santa Rosa Diesel, Inc. offers complete rebuilding or repair on fuel injection pumps, governors, injectors and turbochargers. An assortment of new and rebuilt fuel injection equipment is ready for over-the-counter sales. Three classifications of repair can be performed in 1-3 business days. Call today for friendly advice or to schedule an appointment.
Complete Overhaul, Rebuild or Remanufacture (Return in a Condition As Good As That of New)
1.    Complete disassembly of unit and component sub-assemblies.
2.    Thorough cleaning and close inspection of all usable parts.
3.    Reassembly of these parts to the unit, provided the parts meet the manufacturer's requirements. Missing, worn or broken parts will be replaced.
4.    All repairs will be done in accordance with the original equipment manufacturer's specifications, recommendations and procedures.
5.    Test sub-assemblies and complete assembly with the prescribed test equipment in accordance with the original manufacturer's test recommendations.
6.    This classification of repair carries the repair station's standard warranty.

Necessary Minor Repairs
1.    Repairs of defects to a sub-assembly and/or complete assembly, as designated by the customer or noted by the service shop after a visual inspection.
2.    Test unit and sub-assembly according to manufacturer's recommendations and report findings to the customer.
3.    Under warranty period, the repair station alone is responsible for that portion of repair work which it was instructed to perform.

Necessary Minor Repairs
1.    External cleaning of complete assembly and testing of assembly according to manufacturer's recommendations.
2.    If the test does not meet the requirements, the customer will be advised and permission will be requested to make further repairs under either classification I or II.
If the test meets the requirements, the unit will be returned to the customer for service, but the repair station WILL NOT be held responsible for the longevity of the unit since the internal mechanical parts were not visually inspected and the unit was not overhauled.

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